Just like other, we all have a habit of searching different funny memes that can cheer us up to start something new. When it comes to fitness, there are many workout memes on the internet that you can read. Here are some workout memes that will make your day.   

If you are tired form gym and don’t want to continue so here is the trick that will make your day and believe me it worked for me also. Here are some funny workout memes that will help you to go to the gym. Make sure to share these memes with your friends and family too.



When it comes to workout squats is the most challenging thing to do in the gym. Most of the people will ask you what do you do for fun, and your answer should be squats. You can take it in a funny way because it’s hard to do the squats and they will follow you the same.

Squats can be challenging, so people make sure not to try them on behalf of someone. On the other hand, you can also have a great time doing squats as they are the best workout for your legs and thighs. This is one of my best workout meme that makes me go to the gym daily.

  1. MY Face when a good song comes on during my workout


We all love to hear a song and when we are doing workout most of us get happy to listen to our favorite song. This workout memes suit my situation because doing an exercise without a song can be boring so I used to wait for someone who can sing a song for me or turn on the music on the radio.

Even I used to sing songs for myself so that I can enjoy my workout routine. I am sure this workout meme will also suit your situation too so if you are bored and don’t have the perfect song sing the song for yourself and enjoy the workout routine as well.


  1. When you’re ill and want to hit the gym


It can be me because seriously it’s hard to go to the gym when you are ill and don’t know should you skip it or carry on. There have been many situations in my life when I feel so much sick and still have to go to the gym because I was trying to lose weight. I have seen people following a proper healthy meal plan and skipping the gym, but for me, this can’t be work because the gym was the only option that can make me lose weight fast.


  1. Lost One Pound time to reward me


This is one of my favorite workout memes and believes me we all do the same thing. When it comes to weight loss, we lost one pound, and after eating for a whole day, we gain much more. I have been trying to lose weight for the past two years and believe me guys when I lose weight I have gained at the same time.

Losing weight is not that much difficult, but when you eat more after losing weight. As a result, you gain more weight. I am sure this picture represents you all, and we all have passed through this phase. I would suggest you have a weight loss coffee if you are planning for dinner and want to eat junk food.


  1. I wanted to workout today, but my body said No


Just like that dog, I am sure you all had passed through this phase when you wanted to do the workout, and your legs say no more. Its human nature when we first don’t like the workouts, and after sometime when we are used to the exercise we want to exercise as much we can. During this time our body says no to us, and we end up in getting nothing.

So if you plan to start a workout than make sure to give a pause after every session so that you can do much exercise in less time, even giving a break will also help you to do your different workout sessions as well.


  1. I don’t always work out but when I do I post it to Facebook

Social media is a place where you upload pictures for every event, and one of the most famous even includes a gym. I also have so many photos where I have posted the workout pictures, so this workout meme suits me very well, and I am sure same is the case with you too.

If you want to join the gym and selfie is the first thing that will come into your mind. I have seen some people who join the gym for the selfie, and this is an amazing thing.  So make sure to share this funny workout meme to entertain other people also.


  1. You’ll never get Teyana Taylor body ” MORNING INSPIRATION.”

This is the funniest workout meme that you can find on the internet. If you think this workout meme is just for you, then believe me  I have grabbed your attention. You have seen many workout routine session of Teyana Taylor, and if you think you can get her body, it’s a dream. You can also check her Instagram where you can see her latest workout pictures.

When it comes to a fitness routine, this woman is amazing, and you can get the inspiration from her if you think it hard to get the fitness like her.


Final Words

I am sure you have loved my workout memes and hope you feel the same situation as I do. Make sure to comment on the workout memes that make you laugh every day so we can share them with others too. If you have any question regarding fitness, do contact us or comment below.

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