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What is a clear liquid diet? Clear liquid diet consists of liquids which include water, broth, and many other things. If you are on a strict diet then there are chances your doctor may prescribe you with a clear liquid diet.

What if I have digestion problems? You might have issues which can affect your immune system then this diet is a complete solution for your questions. This diet provides you with all the calories and nutrients which you want for your body.

When there is liquid involve in the diet, it means you have to use that food which contains the maximum amount of water. It can be anything like fruits or vegetables.

What if this diet makes me hungry? There is no proper way to fill your stomach, but when you take this diet, your stomach will not feel full. Many people drink lots of water before a meal to avoid more eating. Remember you can’t eat those solid foods when you are on a clear liquid diet.

How Alex Lost 103 lbs in 100 days

Weight Loss

I was searching for success stories of different people who did this diet and got positive results. The story which attracted me the most was of Alex. He lost 103 lbs in 100 days by doing a clear liquid diet. According to him, if you want to lose just a few pounds, then this diet is not for you. On the other hand, if you’re going to lose more weight then try this diet and stick to plan.

In his video, he explains the proper method of how you can try this diet and what things you should eat and what to avoid. Appropriate diet plan and Yoga will help you to get better results.

According to him if you are motivated to lose weight, then you can try any diet even if you have to say bye to your favorite meals and drinks. I am inspired by his story, and I hope you also try this diet to get better results.

Five effective, clear liquid diet foods

liquid diet food

What can I eat on a clear liquid diet? A clear liquid diet helps you to get hydrated which means your stomach will have lots of water. Water can be in the form of Juices or other foods like fruits and vegetables. Following are the foods which you must try when you are on this diet.

  1. Water

Following the diet, your first option should be water. Drinking lots of water not only helps you in weight loss but also increase your metabolism and clear your lungs.

Drink as much water you can throughout the day. I would suggest you drink eight glass of water. Water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps you with glowing skin. You can drink plain carbonated and flavored water but don’t add sugar in it.

  1. Lemonade

Is it okay to drink Lemonade? You can drink Lemon juice daily when it comes to your health. Also, lemonade is among the best liquid diets, and it’s healthy. Mixing Lemon in warm water is the best option for the morning routine.

  1. Tea or coffee

Green tea can be the best option for you when you are on a clear liquid diet. On a cup of tea without sugar contains just 1 Calorie which means it’s healthy to drink when you are on a diet. You can also try different types of coffee which helps you to lose those extra pounds.

  1. Vegetable Juice

When it comes to vegetables, they are the best source of liquid. Most of the vegetables contain water which makes your body hydrated and increase your digestion process. You can try different vegetable juices to make your body healthy. Most natural juices are Spinach juice, carrot juice and apple juice which works best when you are on a diet.

  1. Honey

Honey can be mixed with warm water which is the best fat burner. Drinking water with honey helps you to burn those fats. Honey can be added in a limited amount to reduce constipation.

This depends on your medical condition which means you should first ask your doctor or physician if you try this diet or not. Some doctors will ask you not to try this diet during your colon tests because during these tests you can’t drink liquids.

Clear liquid diet ideas for Menu

What menu should I have to follow on this diet? If you are wondering what to follow during this diet. I have a proper solution for you. Here is my menu which you can follow during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Before you try this menu make sure you are ready to stick to the plan because if you do it for a month, you will see better results.

I am not telling you to follow it on all seven days you can try this for five days and rest two days you can eat what you like. You must have at least one day to cheat meals.


  • One glass of fruit juice
  • One bowl of gelatin
  • 1 cup of any herb tea or coffee without sugar
  • Honey added in tea or warm water.


  • One glass vegetable juice
  • 1 cup broth
  • One bowl gelatin


  • One pulp free ice pop
  • 1 cup coffee or tea without sugar
  • One bowl gelatin

You can try this menu for better results but remember it will not help you to lose all the fats in one day or two you have to do proper exercise or yoga for that. This diet will help you to clear your stomach and improves your digestion level.

Final words

This diet is effective for you to recover from different medical issues. On the other hand, it’s really easy to follow. You can make a plan for one week to try whether it works on you or not. Some people have wrong assumptions that this diet is not providing you with enough body nutrients, but that’s wrong. This diet has all things which help your body to get energy.

What is your favorite thing about a clear liquid diet? Comment below so I can also try that.

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