Mental health awareness is meant to spread the importance of mental health, telling the people how to prevent it and fighting against the social stigma. Mental health is no doubt the major problem around the world, and it is considered a substantial part to define whether you are healthy or not. In some countries like Australia, the whole week is celebrated as a mental health week. You must be familiar with Dr. Brock. He was the first Director General of the reputable organization- WHO.  He said, “Without mental health, there is no physical health”. The gravity of this saying is true at this time too. Just to remind you, the mental illness is widely spreading disease in the world because around 14% of the global disease is attributed to the mental illness.

Mental health awareness is necessary for a healthy life

Mental health plays a vital role in overall health. Another thing to worry about is that there is no such progress in the mental health service. Mental health awareness month is May and mental health awareness day is celebrated on 10 October to show the importance of this day to the people around the world. Mental illness is a severe and critical problem in developing countries, and they don’t enjoy any facility to tackle this situation.  Some of the prominent issues in this regard are, Few mental health care centers, the ill-trained mental health care centers, lack of mental health awareness among the public and the basic understanding of people about mental health.

A True Story about Mental Health Awareness

True stories that are related to Mental health awareness

Kerry says that she was diagnosed with depression and anorexia when she was 30 years old. She was anxious and always in tensed. When she has her first child, she faced difficulties in finding things. However, the sessions helped her to a great extent. She lost her friend when she was 25, and that made her sadder and more depressed. There was something always in her mind that causes her discomfort. However, the attending session and seeking help from a doctor was helpful, and now she is living a happy life


When is Mental Health Awareness Month?

Facts about Mental health awareness month

In order to show the importance of mental health and how to fight with this, there is a month dedicated to this purpose. Mental health awareness month is also known as a mental health month. It is observed since 1949 in the USA. May is the month of mental health awareness. Mental Health America is a prestigious organization doing an excellent job for mental health awareness month. The organization serves in such a way that it releases a tool kit in March that contains all the guideline and preparations for this month.

Mental Health America along with other organization releases its theme each year to enlighten the people on that core issue. The theme for 2019 will be decided in March. The theme for the toolkit for the previous five years are as follow

  • 2018: Fitness #4Mind4Body
  • 2017: Risky Business
  • 2016: Mental Illness Feels Like
  • 2015: B4Stage4
  • 2014: Mind Your Health

Many other organizations are working on the same page as Mental Health America. The motive is the same and to achieve this, the organization like National Children’s Mental Health Awareness also works side by side to spread the knowledge.

Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental health awareness Day importance

In order to show the massive importance and revolutionize people with mental health, there is a day dedicated to this purpose. 10 October is the day for mental health awareness. On this day, people are given education in order to deal with social stigma. Mental health awareness day was first celebrated in 1992.

World Federation for Mental Health is a well-known organization for mental health that serves with 150 other countries to spread knowledge and education about mental health. On this day, people around the world emerge on the streets to show their interest with this day and letting the people about their mental health. just like the mental awareness month, the mental awareness day has a theme with it, and this theme is the primary motivation for this day. Let’s check out themes of the past ten years.

  • 2018: Young people and mental health in a challenging world
  • 2017: Mental health in the workplace
  • 2016: Psychological First Aid
  • 2015: Dignity in Mental Health
  • 2014: Living with Schizophrenia
  • 2013: Mental health and older adults
  • 2012: Depression: A Global Crises
  • 2011: The Great Push: Investing the Mental Health
  • 2010: Mental Health and Chronic Physical Health

In How Many Ways You Can Impact Mental Health Awareness in Your Society?

Ways by which Mental health awareness can help society

There are many ways you can impact mental health awareness in your society. These ways are more comfortable to perform, and you can do without any obstruction.

  • First of all, you need to talk about mental health. You’ll have to ask people about it. Ask people different question and encourage them too.
  • Sharing the stories is very encouraging, and it helps people in many ways. So don’t hesitate to share your stories with other people.
  • Read about it. You must possess sound knowledge of the symptoms and ways to deal with it. You should also know where to go in your country to seek some help.
  • Our loved ones are closer to us. So, always share some knowledge. Talk to them if they are going through mental illness and try to help them.
  • Try to be polite and stop using words like crazy and insane.
  • Talk to your children. They may have the symptoms so feel free to ask if they are having such symptoms. Share your knowledge with your children. Children will communicate with other fellows to spread this awareness.
  • There are many mental health awareness websites and organization. You can share their stuff and useful posts and articles on social media to tell your friends about mental health awareness.
  • Offer yourself as a volunteer for the prominent federation or organizations.
  • Learn something different every day such as the symptoms of depression. Try to see those symptoms in the people around you. If you find someone, help him/her on time.
  • Healthy food plays a vital role in this regard. Try to encourage the family members to have a good healthy diet which contains all the essential nutrients in it.


 Final Words:

For good physical health, you must have proper mental health. The importance of mental health cannot be ignored. That’s why this day is celebrated around the world. There is a whole of may for mental health awareness. This article has all the historical aspects as well. In the end, I have suggested some ways to impact mental health awareness in the society. You can play your vital role by following these guidelines.  If you, your friend or any loved one have a mental illness, share the story with us. We’ll try to publish the story to enhance the knowledge of mental health to other readers. Thank You

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