Mental Health Awareness Month

Want to know the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month than this article is just the best thing you can read today. Mental illnesses affect almost 19% adult, 46% of teenagers and 13% of children each year.

I am sure you would have seen many people in your community who are suffering from this illness. This type of mental illness is not normal because it can cause depression.

Depression can be the cause of suicide and believe me the same is happening around the world. However, only half of the people receive treatments and rest end up their lives.

There are many people out there who want to help those people who are depressed, but they don’t get a specific platform where they can treat them. That’s why Mental Health Awareness Month has been made so that people can get knowledge about the issues at home.

They can see the videos online or can read specific blogs from where they can get the knowledge.

Life is short, and to live a perfect life, the mind should be relaxed. If you want to know more about mental health awareness month, then read the full article to get proper knowledge.

What Exactly Is a Mental Illness?

Mental illness relates to the physical illness of the brain. It can be caused due to many reasons. Some reasons include over thinking, fear, depression, illusions, behavior, energy or sometimes emotions.

Many Types of research has been made on this illness, but still, the question is the same How to stop this type of illness? Even people facing these problems are having a different type of diseases like trauma, heart diseases, and genetic issues.

What are the two types of Mental Health Conditions?

There the two types of common Mental Health conditions that include Anxiety Disorders and Mood Disorders.

Anxiety Disorders

More than 18% of the adults struggle from this type of disorder every year, and the percentage is increasing day by day. Anxiety disorder includes post-traumatic stress and panic disorders. I have seen many cases where people used to throw things when they face anxiety.

Mood Disorders

Depression can be a type of mood disorder. Even sometimes it happens you face depression and can’t understand why you are facing it. Bipolar depression is affecting almost 10% of adults each year.

Mood disorders depend on the mood of how your mood changes at different places. Sometimes you feel happy, and at the same time, you feel stress.

13 people Talk about Mental Health problem

If you think that you are the only one who is having mental health problems than it’s not true. Here are 13 people who talked about their mental health problem.

The video shows the reason behind their situation and how they overcome this situation.

Top 5 statements from these people showed what depression is like.

  1. It’s all started when I was struggling with School.
  2. I feel depressed in University during my Final Year.
  3. I first realized I have a mental problem.
  4. What was the actual reality and what was the imagination?
  5. The World would be better off without me.

According to these people, the best way to reduce your depression is to ask help. If someone is supportive and wants to help you go for it, some said that Love yourself. Loving the way you are can reduce your Anxiety.

Life doesn’t want weak people so if you feel depressed go for the Mental Health test. There is no shame of having this test because it can tell what the actual problem is.

Mental Health Awareness Month

What can you do to help people? If you are ready to help people who are facing depression and Anxiety than participate in Mental Health Awareness Month. In this way, you can live a safe life of others.

The day is celebrated every year in May. Each year Mental Health America educates people on different platforms about Mental Health. Not just they educate them online but also arrange different programs where people tell stories about their mental health and how they overcome this situation.

The last three themes of this program include:

  • Fitness #4Mind4Body
  • Risky Business
  • Mental Illness feels like

The year Pediatrics study concluded a 28% increase in depression. More of them were youth that tried to commit suicide. The study shows the Youth can be the first target of this illness and the percentage increase if necessary steps are not taken.

Mental Health America is not the only organization that is running the campaigns during May. Many other similar organizations are ready to host this program and ask people to be part of this.

Different Mental health Services are provided during this month to educate people on how they can save their loved ones. Furthermore, parents are advised to take care of their kids when they feel they are depressed. Different schools are asked to arrange Seminars to educate the children.

Ten successful Advice on Mental Health Awareness

There is a lot more going inside you and if you want to be brave than you must listen to your heart. Sometimes our brains don’t work the way it used to be so to fight against your brain here are ten successful pieces of advice that you must read. 

  1. Be yourself
  2. Love the way you are
  3. Take time for yourself
  4. Don’t run from your depression
  5. Tough times make you stronger
  6. Build your own rules and boundaries
  7. Don’t let others change your opinions
  8. Success comes after hardships
  9. Don’t be ashamed of what you are
  10. Write, and let issues pass

How to help people during Mental Health Awareness?

Different programs have been introduced during this Month. If you want to help people or yourself during this month try to perform different activities that can help you. These activities include running, eating a healthy diet.

Some expert says that if you perform Yoga for the body than you might be able to get a fresh mind. You can also learn more about Mental Health Awareness from the following article.

Final Words

Mental health problems shouldn’t be ignored because they can cause serious issues afterwards. If you can’t find the reason behind your depression, then try the mental health test because they are good for the brain.

Don’t be ashamed of yourself because tough times make you stronger. Also, help others because your help can save someone’s life.

Comment below if you are going to participate in Mental health Awareness Program this Year.

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