If you happen to visit a book store, you would notice a large number of magazines catering to women’s interests.  Fashion, style, beauty, health, etc. Some of the magazines furnish topics that may interest either sex. Exclusive publications tailoring the male subject are few. Then you may not find something that meets a quality benchmark. Men’s Health Magazine narrates a different account.

Published on softcover in four languages, the magazine has digital editions too. Men’s Health Magazine reaches out to the male community of the US and UK. Topics like health, style, fitness, weight loss, heart, and sexual health umbrella hundreds of articles. The exhibited literature comes from all around the world thereby making the content of the magazine interesting to read. The expression of the Men’s Health Magazine is simple. Unpretentious wording describes fascinating facts, thought-provoking ideas, motivating accounts, and exciting news. With something for everyone. Even the lady of the house may find some intriguing topics for herself too.

After enlisting the various categories, we will discuss some of the published articles to engage your curiosity. Let us have a sneak peek into Men’s Health Magazine.

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Workouts
  • Weight loss
  • Entertainment
  • Sex, Dating, and Women
  • News
  • Technology and gear
  • Style
  • Nutrition
  • Grooming

Besides reading the magazine, you have an option to shop from their online store. The online shop of Men’s Health magazine is accessible at the digital address.


Men’s Health Magazine tackles the subject issue from all aspects. Mental, physical, psychological and behavioral. Different topics update your knowledge about specific male issues. Many motivational stories of real people uplift your spirit. These include individuals from everyday life as well as celebrities.

Did you know there was something as Goat Yoga? Yes and who else can describe it better than Terry Crews. Did you know anxiety is a big-time issue with successful and famous individuals? Know their sufferings and learn how they overcame their anxiety issues.  Preparing for major surgery? Do a bit of homework before that. Some controversial health issues may grab your attention. For example ‘sex fast’, ‘men cramps’ and ‘circumcision’. Want to improve heart health? Find the answer here. We could go on and on but the amazing topics under the ‘health’ category in the Men’s Health Magazine have infinite ways to flabbergast you.


Men and fitness remain synonyms. Men’s Health Magazine addresses the subject ardently. With real-life stories to experts’ advice and celebrity fitness secrets, you will get all the action here.

Pump up your chest as the Rock does. Learn an Ab strengthening routine that requires only eight minutes of your time. What is pleasant about Men’s Health Magazine fitness section is that it caters to all kinds of probes into fitness regimes. The articles include all kinds of exercises too. Tai Chi, HIIT, back and bicep exercises, strength training, spot exercises, etc.  Men’s Health Magazine integrates the physical and psychological aspects of fitness and exercise. You might find a topic for your lady friend; how to make her your gym buddy? How is that?

However, what we missed in the Men’s Health Magazine was something for the beginners.

Sex, Dating, and Women

Men’s Health Magazine has everything you need to know about the opposite sex and your own sex too. The articles cover controversial issues. They relate your mental, physical and sexual health and implore the ways to improve it. The magazine also talks about relationships. No need to go into details. You will find all your answers in this magazine.


Entertainment is a part and parcel of our lives. The celebrities are our superheroes. Sure there is glamour and allure. Yet, the Men’s Health Magazine is not all about glitz and glamour. It shows the human side of our beloved celebrities. Know the inside stories of your favorite game shows or what to expect in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Want to know the real reason why Jason Momoa shaved his signature beard or Chris Hemsworth’s testimony about his role as Thor. Men’s Health Magazine reveals the bitter true sides of celebrity relationships and more.


Celebrities inspire you to look your best. The style segment of Men’s Health Magazine helps you to adorn the perfect look for any occasion. What is in and what is out? Know it all here. That is not all. The magazine directs you to perfect outlets. It also keeps you updated with the latest sales and discounts. Uplift your self-poise and confidence with flawless purchases. Shoes, ties, socks, belts, hoodies to three-piece suits and accessories. You know where to find them. The Men’s Health Magazine.


You cannot carry an outfit if not properly groomed for it. Men’s Health Magazine has some best grooming products to show off. Aging is a real problem for men too. What are the best anti-aging lotions? The magazine lets you in the secret. Next time you go for a haircut, consult the best celebrity haircuts. Shaving cuts and balms, anyone? Know the tips to avoid them. Update yourself on the latest grooming gadgets and where to find them.

Technology and Gear

Even if you do not find yourself in the category of tech-enthusiasts, you must know all the new versions of technology and gear. Well, that is the idea advocated by the Men’s Health Magazine. Sooner or later, all the guy-conversations end in discussing tech gadgets. You do not want yourself acting a geek there now, do you? If you do not wear it, you must at least know it. The magazine comes to your rescue yet again. From Apple’s Second generation Air pods to vintage gadgets of your grandfather’s time. The list is all here in the subject section of this magazine. Get the best barbecue grill for upcoming summers. Looking to upgrade your hiking gear? Best cooking utensils? A kit to help you sleep better? That is an unending list found exclusively in here.


Men are not immortal. The aging process catches up. Some individuals fail to age or at least fail to look aged. Men’s Health Magazine shares their secrets. Nutritional requirements need an upgrade at every phase of life. Know the best supplements. Learn to modify your diet according to your age. Learn the best of Mediterranean diet recipes. Eat better to live better.

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