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Is it possible to achieve lifetime fitness? What does fitness mean? Fitness is a relative term. The meaning of lifetime fitness is as varied as the lifestyles around us. For some of us, the physical aspect of fitness is important. While for others, vigorous psychological health pairs up with healthy emotional vibes to meet the merits of lifetime fitness.

Perception of fitness levels also changes at different stages of life. The teenage years may not require much physical exertion. While the desire to look presentable prevails the twenties cohort. Middle age motivates you to start looking after your health. While taking a proactive approach towards health and fitness wins through the late forties and fifties. It is here that best fitness tracker becomes part of your daily gear as sunglasses or a wristwatch. Any time fitness prompts you to lead an active lifestyle at all times.

The best approach to achieve lifetime fitness umbrellas many factors. One needs to be fit with no risk factors to any chronic diseases as diabetes or cardiovascular ailments. A strong body equipped with a sturdy mind results in sharp cerebral activity. It, thereby helps you perform at your best. Robust body and mind help develop a positive and constructive approach towards life via resilient spiritual core. This triad culminates in lifetime fitness. WHO defines health as

“State of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

What does it imply? It translates lifetime fitness as a ‘dynamic condition’.  Our body continuously strives to achieve an inner balance called homeostasis. Lifetime fitness ensures the adaptation of our body and mind to the ever-changing life events, stressful conditions and environmental changes. This means achievement of any time fitness is a possibility one should go all-out for. So are you ready to get yourself the best fitness tracker yet?

There is a whole lot more to do, besides fancying the best fitness tracker, to reach the goal of lifetime fitness. You need to plan, devise and act upon a road-map that caters to any time fitness. The sketch would include

  • A healthy and balanced diet plan
  • A regular workout routine
  • Meditation

Diet for lifetime fitness

One finds infinite diet plans that swag their benefits like no other. Ever heard of boiled egg diet or the potato diet? Some may even go to the extent of buying expensive medicine like Adderall to cut back on weight. Then there are suggestions like weight loss coffee to cut back on figures on the weighing scale. Do they work? To some extent, yes. Yet, they are not a long-term solution to lifetime fitness.

To achieve the level of any time fitness, you need a healthy metabolism. For a healthy metabolism, which some best fitness tracker may indicate, you need to have a functional gut.

Lifetime fitness beckons you to consume a healthy and balanced diet that sets the pace for a healthy gut. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats make the essential ingredients for a balanced diet. In addition, a good amount of fiber from fruits and vegetables preserves a healthy bowel movement.

A healthy gut synonyms robust immune status. You are better able to fight disease and infection, a process that confers lifetime fitness. Simple, isn’t it?

Do not forget the water intake. Consumption of at least eight glasses of water upholds your energy status and keeps the metabolism clock ticking fast. Ample hydration levels also support clarity of thought process. A healthy functional body coupled with sharp mental status uplifts your spirits, completing the lifetime fitness mark.

Exercise for lifetime fitness

No particular exercise caters to any time fitness. Though the best fitness tracker make it easy to measure health markers, it cannot show the choice of exercises suitable for your lifestyle. For that, plan a smart decision that corresponds to your physical aptitude and everyday schedule. Your exercise regime should cater to your physical goals too. For example, if you want to lose some pounds, HIIT is the best choice.

Some may find working out in a gym practical while for others a hike or jog is more to their liking. As we age, our bones and muscles tend to weaken. Resistance training works out best for individuals in their thirties and forties. It delivers an edge over weakening bones and muscles. For more advancing years, gentle yet effective exercises as yoga, do wonders for any time fitness. Bear in mind, your exercise acts change with your goals.

Meditate for lifetime fitness

Meditate before or after your exercise. It is a ritual recommended by physical health experts. It requires only a few minutes of meditation every day. They aid to lower stress levels and improve focus. The best fitness tracker shows the stress level. Meditation before exercise helps to enhance your physical performance by focusing on muscles. It brings about hormonal changes in that part of the brain, which associates with the feeling of happiness. The focused breathing techniques increase the level of oxygen inhaled. It thereby prepares the muscles in advance for the upcoming exercise.

Backed by science, meditation for lifetime fitness is a patent fact. The mind exercises and breathing techniques work to bring the heart rate down.  They also ease the respiratory rate after exercise. It maintains an effective check on cortisol, the stress hormone. Meditative techniques bring about a feeling of well-being and calmness. Some of the meditative protocols are simple enough to perform within a few minutes. Here is a sneak peek at Shaolin Meditation. Integrate it with your daily exercise regime for the well-being of body, mind, and soul.

  • Begin meditation in a quiet corner. Keep away from any gadgets.
  • Keeping your back straight, sit in a crossed-leg position.
  • Keeping your eyes closed, focus on your breathing.
  • Take deep breaths trying to relax your mind as you breathe in. Flush away any negative thoughts while breathing out.
  • Do this for 10 counts. If you lose your thought control, restart again. It will help maintain focus in the long-term.

Some other meditative techniques enlist

  • Focusing on a single object
  • Hold then release tension
  • Listening to music
  • Smelling your favorite aromas
  • Taste new flavors
  • Listen and focus on your breath sounds
  • Take a walk
  • Soak in a bath

Lifetime fitness is not one size fits all. We are all different. Find your Zen and stick to it.


Lifetime fitness is an achievable feat. A balanced approach to nutrition, exercise, and meditation releases positive energy. It keeps you refurbished to face the challenges of life. Surprise yourself and start today.

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