life hacks for kids

Life hacks make your life easier by enhancing efficiency. They are particularly important in our busy lifestyles that demand more in less time. Life hacks for kids earn a bit more significance because the millennials have hyperactive connectivity with their environment. They are observant little creatures who are always at an edge and always intrigued. Their sensory souls are more perceptive. Consequently, they are high achievers who are always a step ahead of their older cohort.

Where does that leave us, as parents? Does it make our role less active and less important? Of course not. Should we hand over our children to the current fast-paced life? Let them be some tech-robots incapable of appreciation and empathy. Not at all. Regrettably, all of it is becoming a harsh reality. The career-oriented parents have adopted tech gadgets and social media platforms as babysitters for their kids. The creativity of the young mind is marred at one hand while on the other end, this has driven both the parties a world distance apart. Lonely elderly occupy old houses while the younger generation is busy with their rituals.

Is it possible to change the picture? Yes of course. It is never too late. Whatever age your child is, there is only one principle to follow. Get more involved in their lives. Seems pretty simple enough, isn’t it? Well, some things are easier said than done. The difficulty gradient of this principle’s application may be different for various age groups, yet the more early you start, the better the results. The subject article is an attempt at describing some life hacks that

  • make parenting easier
  • groom the young mind positively
  • help make you connect better with your kid
  • create fond memories to look back at
  • enhance the opportunity of growth for parents as well as the children

Read on.

  1. An efficient playpen

An efficient playpen

When children are in their early developing years, they are inquisitive about everything. Once they are mobile, they want to touch, smell and put the whole shebang in their mouth. It is nearly impossible to keep their tracks. The best way is to make a playpen out of an inflatable pool. Choose the size of the pool according to the space available in your house. Place your baby with the favorite toys and keep an eye while you work away from your chores.

  1. An indoor slide

indoor slide

As the kids grow out of a playpen, they need more legroom and new activities. Make a sled out of old floor cushions or mattresses. Allow them to slide down the stairs. You can join your kids by taking this indoor slide and take a break. Believe us your kids would love it.

  1. Colorful name tags

Colorful name tags

Take some time out and make colorful name tags. Involve your kids and give them age-appropriate tasks. Cut out tags from sparkly stick on paper. Let them paste on Styrofoam sheet. Help your child to cut it. Pass a braided thread through it and let them wear it. Let your child be creative. Ask them to put in their ideas. It will stir their creative streak and please their tactile sense.

  1. A table hammock

table hammock

Design a make-shift hammock using bed sheet across the dining table or Kitchen Island. When your kid is tired after all the hustle bustle, they can rest their legs right where you can keep an eye on them. A few tiny swings bring worthy smiles on their faces. Let them have a say in selecting their own bed sheet. This will help them make decisions on their own and uplift their confidence.

  1. Faucet extenders

Faucet extenders

Let your children be self-sufficient. Cut out an empty lotion or shampoo bottle and make an extension for the water faucet. Many kids do not wash their hands properly just because they cannot reach the faucet. Inculcate the habit of hand-washing after every bathroom visit right from the early years.

  1. A helper in the kitchen

Cute little helper

There are no rules against kids in the kitchen. They need to be supervised of course. Time spent in the kitchen may become the best of all. After a long day at work, you can catch up with your kids while preparing the evening meal. Let them help you with little chores around the kitchen. Ask them to hand you items from the pantry or the refrigerator. Allow them tasks appropriate for their age as mashing the potatoes, butter the bread or give you a glass of water. Such activity inculcates a team spirit in them and lets them appreciate your efforts as a parent.

  1. Cool chores

Cool chores

Chores around the house do not have to be boring at all. After the kids have played to their hearts fill, let them clean up afterward. They must know their limits of making a mess and how to gather it. Putting away their washed laundry as socks and undies teach them the importance of organization and management.

  1. Flip-chart activity

Flip-chart activity

Following your kid’s activities may become unmanageable especially if you have long office hours. Make a flip-chart where kids can record and update their daily activities. Added remarks from your side can boost their morale even if they do not chat with you frequently.

  1. Bracelets with numbers

Bracelets with numbers

A delightful activity is making bracelets with beads showing your cellular numbers. This is particularly helpful when they are starting school. Most kids are grumpy on their first day of school. If you provide them with a consolation gift and assure them they can ring you any time, it will give them a feeling of connectivity.

  1. Custom-made furniture

Custom-made furniture

Upgrading the kids’ furniture can be an expensive deal. When your child grows out of the baby crib, convert it into a work station for them. Place their art collection and favorite toy pieces in that corner. Let them decorate it as they like. It would teach them to move on in life and be accommodating to the changing need of the hour.

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