Is club soda bad for you? Club soda referred to Carbonated Water which can be a perfect alternative to sugary soft drinks. However, some questions are always asked by doctors about club soda. I will make sure to clear your all doubts about that.

Carbonated water is linked with carbon dioxide gas which is mostly used in many club drinks. This drink produces bubbles which are also known as sparkling water. So if are a club going person and order this drink you will see bubbles which is mostly the sparkling water.

Carbonated water mostly has salt taste because it makes the water taste less bitter. I am sure you have tried Perrier and San Pellegrini these two are different from club soda drink.

Have you tried club soda with any other snack? If you are a snack lover than your option for sure will be Tonic water with high corn snacks. They both make a great combination as tonic water contain a bitter compound called Quinine. So having them with corns makes it less bitter in taste.

JOE LEECH about Club Soda

Joe leech a dietitian explains if the club soda or other drinks having carbonated water are good for your health or not. In his Video, he explains the process with different researches. According to him drinking club soda or any other drink can be really affected if it’s taken in the limit.

It helps to release constipation and helps in other health issues. Also, he tells Red Bull has the highest means of buffering capacity other than Coca-Cola or Diet Coke.

5 facts you must know about Club soda

Here are your 5 things you must be wondering while drinking soda. Below are the 5 things you must read today to increase your knowledge.

Club Soda is Acidic or not

Is club soda acidic? Soda has carbon dioxide and water which produce carbonic acid. If you see from this perspective it can damage your body but some according to research they trigger burning which means if you have heartburn problems and indigestion you can drink this soda.

Carbonated water contains 4-5 of PH which means its little acidic. If you have them in low amount then you will cure your heartburn and indigestion problems. However, if you are taking it daily it doesn’t mean it will make your body more acidic.

As you know when you eat and drink your kidneys and lungs removes lots of carbon dioxide. So drinking club soda more than 3-4 times a day can cause more acid in your body so avoid drinking much of them.

In short, if you are feeling irritate and want to drink something to release your burning problems you can try a different type of juices. As juices make your body cool and give you nutrients.

Is soda dangerous for your teeth?

It depends on how much is your quantity. Soda has sparkling water which can affect your teeth. I was seeing research on this topic which really cleared my points.

According to the research, sparkling water damages enamel just a bit more than the still water. On the other hand, mineral water is 100 times safer than the sugary water. Which means you should avoid sugary water more as compared to sparkling water.

Does carbonated water destroy enamel? If your drink is carbonated and doesn’t contain sugar than your enamel can be safe. On the other hand, if you are drinking a soda which has lots of sugar then you have a high chance that it will affect your dental health.

Also if you are drinking a carbonated drink with sugar you can also have severe pain in teeth. This can’t be bad for you. So my best advice for you is to avoid these drinks and replace them with other healthy teas or coffee.

If you are still wondering about your dental health than you can drink the soda with your meal and after that raise your mouth with plain water so that it will not affect your teeth.

Improve Digestion

You can improve your digestion by drinking different types of soda. In a study, 16 people were asked to drink different types of drinks. The drink having carbonated helped in fast digestion than other drinks.

Even it helps you to relieve constipation when you are drinking different types of soda. The reason behind this is your bowel movement which can be activated while drinking soda.

Bone Health

Is club soda bad for my bone health? Many people believe that drinking a soda can effect on bones. However, this concept is not true. All the soda is not bad for your bone health. The drink which should be blamed for weakness in bones must be Cola.

Cola has more amount of phosphorus which can damage your bones. Because your body starts to cut the calcium which you take from different foods.

To avoid these types of things you just need to cut cola drink from your routine so that you can have a healthy life. Your bones play a backbone in your body so you must immediately cut off these things you can have a bad effect on them.

Heart Health

If you are drinking soda which has carbonate in it then it can improve your heart health. Drinking limit about soda can help you reduce your cholesterol levels which result in a healthy heart.

Additionally, it reduces the risk of heart failure 35%. You can also get lots of benefits for inflammation and blood sugar. Drinking water can have the same effect on your health while drinking soda without sugars. So if you are drinking soda you must not add sugar so that it can have a good effect on your health.

Final words

There is no evidence that sugar-free sodas are bad for your health. Even many doctors suggest diabetes patient drink sugar-free soda. So if you still have this question is club soda bad for you? Then read again to clear your doubts. Now it’s your turn to tell me” Which drink is high in   phosphorus?” Answer me and I will discuss with you how you can avoid these drinks.


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