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If you are wondering how to make boiled eggs at home so here are the tricks that you can use to boiled eggs at home in just 5 minutes. There are lots of methods that you can try to boiled eggs, and we have the best method that you can’t find on any website.

We are more concerned about how we can help you to improve your cooking skills so that you can get much food in less time. Health aegis has different articles related to diet and other healthy meals that can help you to lose weight fast.

If you are wondering how to cook spaghetti squash so here is the guide that will help you to improve your skills. This meal has been good for your health, and you can cook it at home easily. It’s a perfect snack and meal that you can have at home at any time.

The best thing about this meal is that it’s low in calories and helps you to get many health benefits as well.  Below is the deep discussion that will help you to get knowledge about the things that you would find in these categories.

How to poach an egg?


If you are wondering how to poach an egg, there are many methods that you can use to poach an egg, like cracking the eggs in the saucepan and cooking them on low, medium flame. Poach eggs are not just healthy for your diet, but also helps you to lose weight fast.

Make sure you are cooking it for 2-3 minutes; because the more you cook the eggs will start to break. Leave them into the pan for about 7-8 minutes to get perfect poached eggs. You can also try how to make hard-boiled eggs because it is also best for weight loss.

How to make Butter Milk?


When it comes to buttermilk it is versatile and can be made easily at home. Not just that it can add flavor to your cake and add zing to your smoothie as well. You can make buttermilk easily at home with very common ingredients.

Just remember a simple trick the more you will stir them the more you will get the perfect buttermilk.

Butter Milk also helps you get a perfectly sweet touch, and when it comes to the baking cake, they are the best option that you can find at home. All you need is just simple homemade ingredients, and you are good to go. Below is the complete recipe that you can try to make buttermilk.


  • One tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar.
  • One cup of fresh milk.

How to make

  • Add one cup of milk into the bowl.
  • Add one tablespoon of fresh lemon or white vinegar.
  • Stir for about 5 minutes, until they because curdle and acidic.
  • Your buttermilk is ready to use.

If you feel you are not getting the curd look, make sure to stir them for more minutes to get that look.

Furthermore, you can find different other articles related to fruits and vegetables, life hacks for kids, how you can clean your ears and much more. If you are wondering what the life hacks for kids are so here are the details.

Life Hack For kids


As being a parent, it’s very important to see how your kids are doing. There are many life hacks for kids that you might have read, but on our website, we have explained the details about it. Sometimes the age gap between the parents and the children becomes the milestone, as they are not able to convey what they are thinking.

Children are always ready to achieve what can make them happier, and we as parents are not ready for it. We think that if they do this our importance, we get less, but that is not true. Parents should allow all the opportunities that will make their children more successful.

If you think it’s late, then don’t worry there will be a time when you can change this picture and that what we have shown you in our article. So make sure to check the life hacks for kid’s article so that you can get more knowledge.

Here are the life hacks for kids that you can try that will make your work easier.

  • Make parenting easier as much as you can.
  • Spread positivity around them.
  • Make your connection better with your kids.
  • Create lots of memories and play with them.

Here are the other best life hacks that you can try to get much more knowledge. We are sure you would love to read these 15 best life hacks ever that will make sure life easier.


If you are searching for you all how to questions than make sure to browse our website because you can find the entire deep details that you are looking for. We would love to help you contact us for more information.

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