Our lifestyles are getting busier every day. Nothing seems to stop the pace. Hey, who wants to halt the pace anyway? A little bit of organization goes a long way in following the stride of life efficiently. How to mince garlic properly is part of it. You do not believe us. Read on.

Whether you are a workaholic or a stay-at-home mom or dad, you got to eat. It is not always convenient to dine at posh restaurants. You might not find yourself in the mood to order a pizza or Chinese. You crave a home-made meal, once in a while if not every day. We know the flavors beats every other gourmet meal. One can have the luxury of a home-made meal within no time if you are better equipped.

Meat recipes and meat snacks require no fuss really. Garlic brings out the meaty flavors beautifully. It also absorbs the particular smell of raw meat. A carefully sautéed garlic delivers an attractive color to the recipe’s ingredients. In addition, garlic adds to the benefits of turmeric. However, preparing garlic is fussy. It takes time to peel the cloves. One can find peeled garlic in grocery stores. It would save you from a lot of trouble. Then comes the stage of how to mince garlic. A majority of us do not know how to do it. Garlic releases allicin upon splitting. It adds a strong smell and flavor to the recipe. To retain the subtle flavor and color of garlic, knowing how to mine garlic cloves is important.

Yet, do not let the hassle of how to mince garlic deter you from preparing your favorite meal. Follow the simple tips on how to mince garlic cloves and relish the enticing flavors.

  • Peel the garlic cloves ahead of time, pack them in a zip-lock and freeze. The frozen cloves are convenient to mince by any means.
  • Do not make the mistake of making a paste of peeled garlic cloves way ahead of time. The powerful aroma and flavor may mask the flavor of the other ingredients in the dish.
  • Do not buy frozen minced garlic from the grocery store unless it says ‘no preservatives’.

How to mince garlic – the different modus operandi

how to mince garlic

Garlic means flavor but it also means smelly sticky hands. Getting around the process of how to mince garlic without all the fuss may seem perplexing. Especially when some recipes call for specific textures of garlic. Minced, sliced or crushed. And if you thought you could mince garlic before cooking, you are wrong. Let us see how we can solve the equation.

  1. Crush and chop with a knife

Crush and chop with a knife

Crush and chop. It is the chef’s way of how to mince garlic cloves. Crush individual garlic clove between the flat side of the knife and the cutting board. Using the two-hand technique, chop the clove by changing the direction of the knife every now and then. The garlic clove gets a fine chop via the back and forth movement of the knife. Some recipe requires a smooth paste, like soup, sauce, dressing or gravy. Sprinkle some salt over the clove. Instead of chopping, scrape the knife’s blade to and fro. It would convert the chopped version into a fine paste. A simple way of how to mince garlic. This is how the experts like it.

  1. Use a microplane


If you like to equip your kitchen with smart gadgets, get a microplane. It not only aids how to mince garlic cloves but also produces a fine lemon or orange zest. Some recipes require a direct infusion of very finely grated garlic. Microplane delivers an accurate texture.

Simply take a garlic clove and grate it against the microplane. Some of the up-to-date versions of microplane have a special slot that accommodates the garlic clove. You can grate the clove with the help of an attachment that fits the slot. No cutting accidents. Get your kids to help you how to mince garlic cloves with this simple tool.

  1. Use a vegetable dicer

vegetable dicer

Vegetable dicer immaculately slices the garlic cloves into thin wedges. Use a manual one. This may be the simplest of all methods of how to mince garlic cloves. Use the garlic slices as such in the recipe. Many recipes call for sliced wedges of garlic like roasted chicken. You can thinly slice garlic cloves before proceeding to chop with a knife. It makes you how to mince garlic like an expert.

  1. Cook and mash

mash garlic

How to mince garlic methods are also applicable after cooking the cloves for a while. Throw in whole garlic cloves into a pan containing some oil. Sautee till the cloves change their color to a light golden brown. Cooking the garlic cloves softens them. It becomes easy to crush the clove with a fork. Take the cloves with a slotted spoon. Crush it with the back of a spoon or a fork. The advantage of this method of how to mince garlic cloves is that the oil gets infused with beautiful garlic flavor. Toss the crushed garlic back into the oil or use the latter in some other recipe.

  1. Fork it out

Fork garlic

Requiring a bit of muscle, this method of how to mince garlic cloves is a laidback technique. Frozen garlic cloves are easier to mash with a fork. Leave the garlic cloves for a few minutes. It will thaw the frozen cloves. Mash with a fork and use as required. Make sure the fork used is a sturdy one. Otherwise mincing fresh garlic cloves might de-shape the fork.

  1. Invest in a garlic press

garlic press

As the name indicates, this tool for how to mince garlic presses the garlic cloves through tiny holes to reveal a fine paste. An easy to use and big on time-saving, a garlic press is a cost-effective tool worthy of your kitchen cabinet. It makes a fine and even pastes of garlic. Some of the best quality does not require a peeled garlic clove. The garlic obtained by a garlic press distributes an even flavor all over the dish. An equally cost-effective gadget for how to mince garlic cloves is a good old mortar and pestle.

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