For the majority of us, coffee remains the beloved beverage. We like it simple; hot and black. It wakes up our senses, revving up the cerebral gear. But some occasions call for a luxurious treat. So you may want your coffee with a chic factor. Do you find yourself wondering over the café menu that exhibits different kinds of coffees? What is deal about the various terms? Weight loss coffee is the latest trend too.

Though all the coffee-based beverages share the same source. The cherished beverage takes up diverse names. Cappuccino, Caffe Mocha, caffe latte or Americano to name a few. Well, it would be a safe bet if we say you did not know espresso makes the base for the majority of the coffee-based drinks. How to make espresso on your own is a possibility or not?

Espresso is the Italian version of coffee. The usual serving of espresso is small yet concentrated. How to make espresso to get the ultimate flavor is an art. It is a process carried out by hand. With the advent of technology, we see more of espresso machines in cafes and hotels. However, for the ardent coffee enthusiast, how to make espresso at home is a viable feat. To know the finesse involved in how to make espresso, read on.

The basics of how to make espresso


Let us enlist the basic difference of drip coffee and espresso. It will make it easy to understand how to make espresso. The two beverages taste poles apart. Espresso delivers a stronger taste than its counterpart. The brewing time is shorter for espresso. The texture of the ground coffee beans is very fine for espresso. It results in a change of flavor and consistency of the beverage. So what about the basics of how to make espresso?

High-pressure cuts short the brewing time of espresso. About 1.5 ounces of boiling water forces through packed ground coffee. The process is undertaken under a pressure of 15 atmospheres. The resultant coffee beverage acquires a strong flavor. Espresso contains lower amounts of caffeine than drip coffee. This is because the contact time between water and the ground coffee remains very short. The variables for how to make espresso are

  • The fineness of the ground coffee
  • The temperature of the water
  • The pressure applied to the water
  • The packing of the ground coffee
  • The time is taken to force the water through the ground coffee

A finely ground coffee of about 8-10 grams yields 30ml of espresso. The extraction time is about 25 seconds with 15 atmospheres of applied pressure. The water should be boiling hot. The ground coffee requires a tight packing to release the aroma and flavor. A signature foamy layer covers the espresso called the Crema. It shows a successful attempt at how to make espresso.

How to make espresso at home

make espresso at home

Nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed coffee. You may want to have an espresso shot before leaving for work. An afternoon coffee-call may come with no time to run to a coffee shop. A pre-workout supplement may include an espresso shot. Such instances call for making yourself a cup of espresso at the convenience of your home.

How to make espresso at home is not an unmanageable feat. Know the basics of espresso and have the right gadgets at home. It equips you with the liberty to have espresso whenever you want.  No need to buy an expensive espresso machine. When you know how to make espresso at home with many practical and cost-effective options.

  1. With an Aero Press

Aero Press

Lightweight, portable, cheap and operated by hand. Aero Press is a great tool for coffee enthusiasts whether at home or on the go. All you need is a commitment, dedication and a bit of muscle. Yes, you heard it right. How to make espresso requires the right amount of muscle power.

Grind the coffee beans to a fine powder. With practice, you will know to supplement ground coffee with a good espresso. Take two paper filters. Place one at the bottom of the filter cap of the Aero Press. Pour a few drops of hot water to warm the filter. Screw shut the bottom of the Aero Press chamber. Add the ground coffee. Wet the second filter. Place it at the bottom of tamping. Insert tamp into the chamber to place the second filter on top of the ground coffee. Carefully push the filter to pack the ground coffee in place. Pour boiling water into the chamber of the Aero Press. Press with the plunger to extract espresso into a previously warmed cup.

  1. With a hand espresso machine

espresso machine

A hand espresso machine is another gadget popular with outdoor buffs. Easy to carry and simple to use, the hand espresso machine makes you a pro at how to make espresso at home.

Grind your own coffee beans or use prepackaged coffee pods. Place your espresso machine with its pod facing upwards. Unscrew the pod filter. Fill it with ground coffee or place the coffee pods, whichever is available. Pour boiling water till the top of the machine cavity. Hold the machine tight and propel the pump at the bottom to 16 psi pressure. Hold a cup underneath the machine. Release the extraction button to receive your espresso. How to make espresso cannot be simpler.

  1. With a manual lever machine

manual lever machine

Manual lever machine requires a bit of skill. Once perfected, it yields a perfect espresso. You can customize your espresso according to your personal likings. The home-made beverage delivers a sense of accomplishment. Master the skill of how to make espresso and impress your loved ones.

Switch on the machine. Pour some water into its reservoir and let it warm up. Spoon finely ground coffee into the portafilter. Press with tamping to a pressure of about 30 pounds. It would take some trials and errors to reach the perfect pressure point. Place the portafilter into the machine. Place a warm cup underneath the machine. Raise the level to the top. Wait for a few seconds before pressing down the lever. Ensure the lever moves in a smooth yet firm manner. The downward movement should take at least 20 seconds.

  1. With a Moka Pot

Moka Pot

The Moka pot is a simple, traditional and inexpensive way of making espresso. However, this method of how to make espresso at home does not yield a coffee with the characteristic crema. Known as a stovetop espresso maker, the Moka Pot produces a beverage that may have a burnt flavor to it. Repetition increases proficiency. With time you will learn to avoid over-extraction. This is the simplest of all methods. The best thing about how to make espresso via this method is that it complements your campfire.

Fill the bottom part of the kettle with water. Place ground coffee in the filter basket. Assemble the filter basket into the water chamber. Shut the top of the kettle with a secure clasp. Place the Moka Pot on to a heat source. Let the water come to boil. Allow the coffee to brew. It is at this spot of how to make espresso at home that you need to be careful. Do not let the coffee burn. Pour into your mug and enjoy.

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