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There is a deep history behind sugar skull makeup, and this article is all about what sugar skull makeup is and how you can do this makeup in just a few minutes. This makeup is also known as the day of the dead which is an interesting holiday celebrated in a different area of southern Mexico.

I am sure many of you know about the All Saint’s Day where all the people come together to celebrate the ancient days. The sugar skull is also part of this ancient day where people believe the gates of heaven are opened at midnight and the spirits get reunited with their family and friends.

Day of the dead is a very expensive festival because for the month people perform different activities for their deceased beloved ones. Many of the people left the toys and candles, and many do the sugar skull makeup.

This makeup is done by different people from Mexico and the Catholic world. Faces and hair are painted to pay a contribution to the people. Not just that different colorful parties are thrown so that people can give honor to the people who have passed away.

The sweet angle graves are covered with different candles, and people stay awake all night to welcome the “angelitos” when they are released from Heaven.

What do you need for sugar skull makeup?

sugar skull

Sugar skull makeup is an art, and for that art, you need so many things that are required in common makeup also. Following are the things that you must need for skull makeup.

  • Eyelash Glue
  • Jewels
  • Embellishments
  • Cosmetic Safe Glitter
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Bright eye shadow
  • White Makeup powder
  • Blush
  • Lipstick

There are things that you must have in your makeup pack before the arrival of the day of the dead. Not just this makeup is best for this day you can also use the same makeup at the Halloween party too and believe me it can be your best party makeup ever.

The best thing about the sugar skull makeup is that you can pick so many ideas from your imagination.  Make sure to read how to glow your skin so that you can create a good design on your face.

Step by step guide for sugar skull makeup

Here is the step by step guide that you can read if you want to do sugar skull makeup.

STEP 1:  First gather all the things that I have mentioned above. Make sure you have painted your face and neck. Always remember to have all the things that will make you perfect like your jewels, eyelash glue and safe cosmetic glitter.

STEP 2: First start with a clean face. You can add your favorite makeup primer that will help in a long-lasting design.

STEP 3: Using eyeliner start to make a medium circular shape around the eye. Make sure you make the circle equal on both the eyes. Try to have the shape outside of your eyebrows and also below the eye. They both should be balanced.

STEP 4: Start applying the white powder to your entire face with the sponge. Make sure to cover your eye circle. Stop at the end of your jawline. Here is the tip if you have a white powder you can add it to the paint so that your design can last longer.

STEP 5: Now when the white part is done start adding the colored paint or different eye shadows to your eye. If you want to add different colors, then make sure to blend them one by one.  Applying all the color at the same time can create a problem for you because it’s hard to mix all the colors at the same time.

STEP 6: Sponge a little foundation under the cheekbones so that it can match the color of your face. You can also do it with the help of the blush brush. Try to add dark colors to make the design look real.

STEP 7: Add your favorite lipstick color to give a new look. If you don’t want to apply lipstick, you can skip this process.

STEP 8: Now use the black eye color or nail paint so that you can start making the nose and add detail to your design. You can add a different design to your head and give a new look. Here are the 50 sugar skull makeup ideas that you can try. You can add spider webs, swirls and different flowers to make them look even more amazing.

Make sure to add different vertical lines across your lips to represent the teeth as well.

STEP 9: Now it’s time to make your eye look big so make sure to add the eyelashes with the help of the glue. You can add different types of jewels. Jewels should be light in weight and glue should be of good quality.

STEP 10:  Add glitter around your eyes and you are done. You are not ready for the dead day, and I am sure you will look pretty and amazing too.

You can add different glitters and color it’s all about your choice. I would prefer you should use a different color that can be dark and light at the same time. If you want to create a look for your kids make sure to use the light colors.

Precautions to do Sugar Skull Makeup

When you are doing this type of makeup, you should be very careful because you are using different types of chemicals and other things. Choose those chemicals that are good for your skin because some chemicals can burn your skin as well. Here are some precautions that you can try while doing sugar skull makeup.

  • Choose brand makeup.
  • Make sure to cover your eyes while doing makeup.
  • Don’t use sharp things while applying makeup.
  • Use colors that are good for your skin.
  • Apply sunblock before you paint on your face.
  • Follow different beauty tips to take care of your skin after the design.

Final words

Sugar skull makeup can show how you are celebrating the day of the dead. It’s very important for you to look good and unique so I have tried to guide you properly. Comment below what is your sugar skull look or share pictures with us.

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