If something happens to your heart what will you do? It’s not necessary that all heart problems come with clear signs. You have to guess it before it’s too late. I’ll be honest with you there would not be an alarming chest that can be followed by a fall to the floor that you always see in Movies.

Your life is precious and when it comes to heart problems you have to be careful. If the symptoms are more severe than don’t waste your time call 911.

If you are not sure about your symptoms of a heart problem than get it checked by a Doctor. There can be many symptoms of heart problems that indicate that it is getting weaker. If you are overweight, have diabetes, high cholesterol problems or high blood pressure than you must be careful as heart attack is common.

Heart pain is something that shouldn’t be ignored. This article is all about the heart problems that you are most likely to face and how you can solve these problems.  

What are the symptoms of a weaker heart?

I am sure you have heard a lot that overweight people have more chances to get heart attacks. I will not neglect this theory because that’s true. If your weight is above the ideal range than you can have health issues. The most common among them is a cardio arrest.

An irregular heartbeat can cause cardio arrest because you are not providing blood flow to your heart. The common symptoms of heart problems are as follows.

  • Chest pain or chest tightness
  • Shortness of breathing
  • You will feel the coldness in arms or legs
  • Pain in neck or back

The weaker heart can be the cause of your irregular activities that includes not taking proper diet, eating foods that are not healthy and sometimes acting like a lazy puppet. I am not telling you to follow a strict diet, but at least you can walk in your house for at least 10 minutes to get a healthy heart.

Apple Watch Spot Heart Problem symptoms

When it comes to technology, we all rely on them more than the doctors. We are using many technologies that help to measure our health problems. Whether it’s your EKG or Award winning teeth whitener or your own favorite Wireless blood pressure checker all of them have made it easy to tract the records of our health issues.

You might have heard about the Apple watch that detects the irregular heartbeat. This watch is best to detect the heartbeat rate, but some experts say that more research work is needed. It’s a fact that technology can’t be made perfect for the first time; improvement comes with the latest updates.

According to the recent news, more than 419,000 people signup for the study so that they can make a good watch for heart patients.

People who received a smart alert during the watch were asked to consult the doctor via telemedicine and were asked to revisit the doctor to check the difference in accuracy. The watch was measuring the rates of heartbeats every week.

The watch was sent to testing because if someone was wearing the EKG, 80% of the time it shows that the heartbeat was slow.

Ten Risk factors of Heart problems

When it comes to heart problems, the symptoms can’t be just ignored. Obesity is among the risk factor that shows you might have health problems.

The reason is very accurate; obesity is linked with high blood cholesterol levels that make your heart weaker. Losing 10 percent of body weight can help you lower the risk.

Following are the other ten factors that can create health problems.

  • Age
  • Tobacco
  • High blood pressure
  • Triglyceride levels
  • Obesity
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Stress
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Preeclampsia

Heart problems symptoms in females

According to different studies, males are most likely to get heart attacks as compared to females. But according to the American Heart Association, heart attacks are becoming common in younger people, especially women.

Heart attacks in females can have different causes and risks as compared to males. Nearly 610,000 people die of heart diseases every year in the United States that’s what studies say.

Below is the percentage of all the deaths that were caused due to heart attacks

Race or Ethnic Group % of Deaths
American Indians 18.4
Asians or Pacific Islanders 22.2
Non-Hispanic Blacks 23.8
Non-Hispanic Whites 23.8
All 23.5


Most of the death percentage was of females who were around 25-60. Both male and female have the same heart problem symptoms when they have a severe heart attack. The standard heart problem symptoms include chest pain and coldness.

What to do if someone might be having a heart attack?

If you see someone who is about to have a heart attack, then you must first call for emergency help. In case if they are late, you have to handle the situation yourself. To do that you must follow these steps.

  • If someone is not breathing or you can’t find a pulse, then you should try CPR to keep the blood flowing.
  • Push hard on the person’s chest about 100 to 200 compressions a minute.
  • If you are not trained to CPR, then do chest compressions.
  • If you are trained then open the airway and rescue breathing.

This video explains you the best way to perform the CPR.

How to keep my heart healthy?

A healthy heart is not impossible to achieve if you follow a proper diet plan. Eat healthy meals to control your cholesterol levels. If you are lazy enough to exercise daily then walk for about 10 minutes. You can even run for 10 minutes to get better results.

Following are the other things that you can do for your healthy heart.

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Get active
  • Loss your weight
  • Quit smoking and drugs
  • Perform yoga or other cardio exercises


Final Words

Heart problems can be caused due to many symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored. If you have a habit of smoking, then I would suggest you quit it as soon as possible. Smoking daily not only damages your heart but also your lungs.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a daily exercise routine. You can also perform cardio or other exercises at home. Drink lots of water because the more hydrated is your body, the more you will feel fresh. Comment below if you have saved someone’s life during heart attack so we can motive others from your story.

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