Each time a woman gets a new haircut, her whole aura changes. The air starts feeling fresher, the sun brighter, and people start noticing her more than ever before. All the raining compliments are however closely linked with how trendy her new haircut is. After all, we all wish to stay in the limelight and yes look trendy!

So, before you book your next appointment with your favorite hairstylist, make sure you’ve done your research related to beauty tips, and the trendiest hairstyles that will rule this year. Which is exactly why we’re here today, to list down the hairstyle trends that can make you look fabulous throughout the year 2019 and share some great beauty tips for women.

Now wait no more girls, just read on to find out what would be the trendiest hairstyles this year according to the experts. Hairstyles that would turn heads wherever you go!

Because New Year means new hair!

  1. Fringes:

hair styles Fringes

Bangs turned out to be increasingly popular among young women during 2018 and it seems like their popularity won’t go away that soon. Not only does it make you look more up-to-date, but fringes are also a great way of immediately elevating your whole personality and appearing fashion forward.

Moreover, bangs can be styled in various ways according to your preferences. You can tie a ponytail, a half-knot, or a bun, and the fringe would add glam to each of those no-effort looks.  Dakota Johnson is one hell of an example who made a statement with her thin bangs, creating a completely impossible to ignore look.

  1. Back to Bob

Back to Bob

According to the various hairstylists, bossy bob cuts have made a recent comeback in the last few months of the previous year. It means that this year you’d see lots of bob styles coming out on the runway and on the city streets.

Plus, when having a bob cut it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a silky straight or a beachy-waves person because you can rock a bob with either of these styles. However, do remember telling your hairdresser to personalize the look for you according to your face shape.

  1. The Basics Return

The Basics Return

Hairdressers suggest that hairstyles this year are likely to take us back to the basic natural color blends and soft textures. When asked about the ways in which they’re styling hair these days, hairstylists tell us that they’re doing softly textured haircuts and styling them with loose, natural waves. So, to rock that look, you need to be aware of the top-ranking natural beauty tips.

  1. Silver Is Always Better

hair styles -Silver color hair

An image of Lady Gaga always pops up in our minds as we think of bold hair colors. Going grey on purpose can give you a chic look, as it did to Rihanna, and well, Miley Cyrus too.

Silverfish grey hair would add an eccentric touch to the look of most bold women out there. Moreover, silver, in particular, has been standing out recently towards the end of 2018, making its way dauntlessly into 2019.

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  1. Half-Up, Half-Down

Half Up Half Down

We’re starting to see this new trend of half-up, half-down hairstyles on famous celebrities, including Blake Lively, Ariana Grande, and Ashley Graham. This style also works great for adding some structure to the top of the head. You can either do it with a half ponytail or a knot style bun for a no-effort chic look.

  1. A Good Wet Look

Wet Look hair

Perhaps the one trend that will make a unique addition to your list of hairstyles in 2019 would be the quirky wet look. Although we’ve already been seeing this look on red carpets during the past year, you’re most likely to see it on the streets this year. Plus, a good wet look can make anyone look sexy without much effort.

  1. Comeback Of High Ponytails

High Ponytails

Alongside with the half knots, high ponytails are also making their way into the list of hairstyle trends in 2019. Although a high ponytail might not suit all hair textures and face shapes, it’s a great no-effort look for those who know how to rock it.

Although top knot and high ponytails might seem too basic, according to experts these two hairstyles can look great anytime and anywhere. Moreover, ponytails also help elongate your facial features, making them more look more prominent. Or else, you can always mix and match ponytails and French braid into one compact look!

  1. Accessorize It Up

Accessorize hairs

Hair accessories are another addition to the list of emerging hair trends in 2019. From bobby pins and flowers to high-fashion pins and claw lips, various hair accessories could become your most favorite styling asset this coming year.

Although hair accessories are generally used for different practical reasons, such as pinning up your hair or tidily tying them up, this year you’d be using them as an extra styling item.

Moreover, you can always have fun with new hair accessories by wearing them with different hairstyles to create new looks.

  1. A Grown-Out Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

If you wish to chop down all those annoying hair of yours this year so that you can easily manage them, a shaggy pixie cut can always be a good option for you. Plus, as experts say, 2019 is going to be the year of en-vogue pixie cuts.

Also, a pixie style is not only fun, but it also helps you in maintaining that fashionista persona of yours without having to make much effort each day. Kehlani’s unique and super short haircut could be your inspiration this year.

  1. The Evergreen Blow-Dry Look

Blow-Dry Look

While previously we’ve been seeing a lot of messy looks, this year might be the year of the comeback of sleeker, more polished, and smoother looks. Plus, according to expert hairdressers, glossy and shiny looking hair are making their way back in 2019. It doesn’t really matter whether your hair is curly, straight, or wavy, blow-dry is known to work great with all hair textures, as well as different haircuts. Moreover, it also adds volume to thinning hair.

  1. Pintura highlights

Pintura highlights

The pintura coloring technique that is normally used to color textured and curly hair is going to be a great trend in 2019. In this technique, hairdressers don’t make the use of any foils; as a result, you get more accentuated curls with an added dimension.

However, this technique creates a different look on each client based on the shape and tightness of their curls.

So, go ahead and create a new look for a different you!

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