Flaunt your long hair length like a queen. It adds to your beauty and personality as a woman. Long hair can make the head turns if well-maintained. Skip on those fussy hairstyles ladies!

With long hair, you can play more with colors, highlights, curls, waves, and most of all hairstyles. To learn about the trendy long hair hairstyles, you MUST read this article.

If you’re looking for long hair updo’s that ask for minimal prep and mirror time, and wish to have a timeless impression on the guy you love, you’re at the right place. Or else, if you’re bored of your hairstyle and want to have a changed look, get a little creative by trying out any of these cutting-edge styles for you to try.

Scroll through these 23 celebrity-picked long hair hairstyles that’ll make the heads turn:

  1. Slicked-Back Textured Hairstyle:

Slicked Back HairstyleHave got natural curls? That’s amazing. Getting into the frenzy of straightening your long hair is outdated. The beauty standards are changed. Ultimately, you just have to show-off confidence in your natural beauty. Curly long hair can make you feel fancy and elegant at the same time. Just come up with an easy hairstyle for long hair to rock the part. However, don’t forget to add a bit of sheen to your hair to get a glossy slick-back look. Get the inspiration from Queen Zendaya to rock the look.

  1. Dirty Blonde Strands:

Dirty Blonde

It’s an easy hairstyle for long hair to add several shades of blond to create an eye-catching look. Get a blend of blond tones to have what Delevingne has got—yes, the dirty blonde long hair look. She has her roots darker, streaks in a silver-blonde tone with honey blonde hues at the hair end.

  1. Effortless Waves:

Effortless WavesInspired by Julia Roberts hair statement, super trendy effortless waves are what every lady would die for! The beachy waves add a touch of natural beauty to your long hair. By the end of the day, they leave men thinking as to how effortlessly beautiful you are!

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  1. Bone-Straight Strands:

Bone Straight hairs

It’s one trend every woman love opting for. You need to put less effort into your day-to-day meetings. If you want to give more form to your extra-voluminous long hair, get them bone-straight. Selena Gomez absolutely looks iconic with her glossy straight long hair strands. It’s one of the easy hairstyles for long hair.

  1. Wet-Look Hairstyle:

Wet Look Hairstyle

Among the latest long hair hairstyles is wet-look hair. Just put on a soft-hold gel on your sleek and straight hair when your long hair are damp. Scrunch up a little bit to prevent the dry and dull look. The gel will keep the moisture intact. Trust me; you’d be the talk of the town afterward.

  1. Angled Layers:

Angled Layers

Tired of your bangs, wear them elegantly by straightening them to blend in with your long hair. As the fringe cannot be worn anymore, get the Heidi Klum look of angled long hair. What do you think about this easy hairstyle for long hair?

  1. Boho Braid:

Boho Braid

It’s not exactly a Bohemian style; instead, it’s a classier one. Braid up your long hair in a loose fashion to let them float in the air effortlessly. Boho braid is more about imperfection. Have you checked out the gorgeous boho braid of Shay Mitchell?

It’s effortlessly remarkable to go for. It’s truly an easy hairstyle for long hair.

  1. Belle-Esque Half Updo:

Belle Esque Half Updo

A half updo is always the perfect style if you wish to keep your long hair a bit tidy up. Isn’t Belle’s (Jessica Biel) swooping half updo in Beauty and the Beast is alluring? Add volume to the hair at the crown using volumizing sprays, tease them a bit, and fix them with a hair spray. Secure it with bobby pins. Beachy waves for the rest of your long hair will complete your sexy look.

Did you ever think that Belle’s updo would turn out be such an easy hairstyle for your long hair?

  1. Striking Black Hue:

Striking Black Hue

Jet black long hair can give you an outstanding look among the crowd of blondes. Doesn’t Katty Perry’s hair make your heart go wild? With long hair, dark brunette hues give you a dazzling look.

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  1. Eye-Skimming Bangs:

Skimming Bangs

Can’t live without bangs? Throw a spectacular look like Sienna Miller by getting blunt bangs to add luster to your long hair. It’s an easy hairstyle for long hair as you wouldn’t be prepping a lot for it. As the size of fringes outgrows their initial length, part them to give another dramatic look.

  1. Low-Maintenance Bangs:

low Maintenance Bangs

Bangs are truly game changers as they add varying length to your boring similar length hair. The short bang hair frames your face the perfect way. Instead, it’s a great way to cover your forehead if you think it suits your face. Or else you can play with them by sweeping them forward or backward as per your choice. Isn’t it an easy hairstyle for long hair?

  1. High Ponytails:

High Ponytails

High ponytails add to your sophisticated and elegant look. The retro hairstyle adds a well-defined look to your face. Inspired by Bella Hadid, this long hair hairstyle looks smart.

  1. Messy Buns:

Messy Buns

To add a summery touch to your look, messy buns and beachy waves are top-class long hair trends. They never go out of fashion. Haven’t you seen Megan Markle carrying a messy bun with elegance? After all, messy buns keep those troubling long hair up and well-kept. Messy buns offer a soft look to your face and it’s a super easy hairstyle for long hair.

  1. Bombshell Volume:

Bombshell hairstyle

The bouffant style can create a stir among your friends and family. Just like Zooey Deschanel, add a bit of volume, some wispy curls, and feathery bangs to complete the look. It’s an effortlessly easy hairstyle for long hair.

  1. Romantic Half Updo:

Romantic Half Updo hairs

Half-updos are perfect easy hairstyle for long hair for a night out. It’s simple, it’s classic, and it’s cute. Have you checked out Jessica Chastain’s romantic updo? You’d fall in love with her long hair!

  1. Center-Parted Long Hair:

Center Parted Long Hair

Part your hair into two equal portions, comb your straight and sleek long hair to get a symmetrical look. Beauty experts employ the trick to slim down a wide face shape. See how Anne Hathaway boasts her striking look. You may add curls or bangs to your symmetrically parted hair.

  1. Highlights and Bangs

Highlights and Bangs

It’s a timeless fashion that anyone would look good to wear. The highlights add to the summery vibes and bangs can get you an adorable look. Haven’t you checked out Halle Berry’s latest look? Without an effort, this easy hairstyle for long hair makes her look super-hot.

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