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Obesity is a global epidemic. Weight loss rituals have become an industry.  New weight loss products hit the market every day with their tall claims. Modern medicine suggests different ways to contain the situation. Alternative medicine has its own remedies. Weight loss gurus suggest integrating lifestyle changes with infinite exercise regimes. Cruise Control Diet is fast becoming the latest fad. Cruise control diet reviews have observed a huge following. The fact has solid back-up support.

Despite everything, the prevalence of overweight and obesity display alarming figures every year. In 2016, about 13% of the world’s adult population was obese. These figures show a three times increase in the prevalence of obesity from 1975 to 2016.

Obesity and weight gain have documented health risks. It is imperative to find a lasting solution to this problem. Many yo-yo diets emerged but lost their application. Infinite weight loss remedies, both contemporary and alternative, failed to hold their grounds. Yet, if there is one thing that has remained the focus of all weight loss platforms is ‘healthy eating habits’.  If it were otherwise, we would not recognize anorexia or bulimia nervosa as eating disorders.

Cruise control diet reviews advocate the very same notion of healthy eating behaviors.

Shedding a few pounds on weighing scale does not mean ‘health and vigor’ for the millennials. We see the number of US adults following a certain diet plummeted from 31% in 1991 to a mere 19% in 2014. On the other hand, we see a parallel growth in the weight loss industry that niches revenues every year. Controlling your caloric intake ‘without an actual act of dieting’ has emerged as a new vogue. The diet supports the subject idea.

The Diet resets the metabolic switch of your body. It does so by incorporating healthy eating habits. It reinforces the concepts of a healthier lifestyle. Your brain works out solutions to

  • what to eat
  • how much to eat
  • when to eat

Once the natural metabolic system takes over, you find your body functioning in-tune to the regular yens.

What is the Cruise control Diet all about?

The Cruise Control Diet gyrates around some basic principles. It brings back the ancestral dietary patterns in our lives. Eating when you are hungry. Consuming natural food items that do not undergo any processing.

The diet does not involve calorie counting or keeping a food log. It does not restrict you to specific food groups. It does not involve tasteless recipes like the ones in bland diets. There is even an allowance for unwanted cravings too.

Have you ever observed that you get sugar cravings the same day you decide to cut back on your sugar intake? It is human nature to crave and yearn for things beyond our reach. The Cruise Control Diet removes such longings by enabling you to follow a more natural dietary pattern. With your mind at ease, your body adapts to the guidelines with no trouble.

The basics of this diet are

  • eat more natural food items, specifically the ones that help burn fat
  • avoid processed food items which are laden with sugar and salts
  • satisfy your cravings by spending a reward/cheat day
  • keep your eating plans stress-free, do not count calories or record a food log

Looks simple enough, right? The Cruise Control Diet Reviews include evaluations by health experts. It improves your heart health. Many individuals had a successful experience with this diet. Positive Cruise Control diet reviews advocate it further. It is a practical and effective way to cut back figures on the weighing scale.

The brains behind the Cruise Control Diet

There are two prominent names that come up whenever your search for the Cruise Control Diet. The many Cruise control diet reviews have also mentioned the two brains behind it.

  • James Ward
  • Jorge Cruise

There is not much information about James Ward. Jorge Cruise, on the other hand, is a famous fitness expert. He has written many eBooks. He has many remarkable books to his credit, making it to the New York Times best-selling list.

The principal difference between the diet regimes presented by the two authors is of ‘intermittent fasting’. The Cruise Control Diet by Jorge Cruise includes specific periods of fasting. The author includes specific foods that claim to boost the fat burning process in the body.

The three phases of Cruise Control Diet

Automate your diet patterns via the three phases of the Cruise Control Diet. The time distribution of this diet spans an eight week period.

  1. The metabolic reset phase

The metabolic reset phase of the Cruise Control Diet detoxifies your body. Consumption of healthy food items remains the mainstay. It brings your blood sugar at optimal levels. The insulin release patterns convert from dangerous spikes to healthier slopes. Remove processed food from your dietary regimes. Use alternative choices. For example, instead of consuming packaged fruit juice, go for a healthy fruit smoothie.

The Cruise Control Diet comes with the advantage of pre-planned meals and recipes. It removes the guesswork on your part.


  1. The cruise control phase

Lasting for three weeks, the Cruise control phase bolsters healthy food choices in your daily diet regimes. It makes allowance for your specific food cravings twice in a week. The cruise control diet reviews promote the junk food allowance.  It removes the obsessive compulsion associated with different food items.

  1. The fat-burning phase

The last phase of the Cruise Control Diet stretches through the remaining three weeks of this regime. You will find your body automatically entering the fat loss phase. The pro-active decisions of the first two phases bear fruit in this passive yet effective fat loss cycle.

Is it right for you?

If you want to lose weight, then Cruise Control Diet results in weight loss. Cruise Control diet reviews highlight its effectiveness and success rates. The diet mainly comprises of fruits and vegetables, lean meat, whole grains and legumes, seeds and nuts. Add some spices and herbs to your recipes not only enhances the flavor but also works to boost up your metabolism. The Cruise Control Diet presents an unwavering solution to last a lifetime. It also improves your health by cutting back on the risk factors for chronic diseases. So it is a win-win situation that seems to work.

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