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Have you ever wondered how celebrities are fit? I am sure you have that question all the time when you are much concerned about celebrity health news. Let’s be honest; there is no rule that celebrities can’t get old.

They might have the same issues as you have. They are not born perfect, and neither do we. The main difference between us and celebrity is all the facilities they have to cure their health issues.

They have access to all the treatments, resources, and lifestyle that you might have dreamed of. Lo Bosworth’s anxiety issues to Mary Lambert Bipolar disorders; everyone is facing health problems. Last year many celebrities came forward to talk about the issues they have to face in their life.

There has been a buzz around the celebrity health issues one of the news that gain attention was of Canadian Lawyer Tim Caulfield who was ready to expose the health news of celebrity

Who is Tim Caulfield?

He is an author of the book Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong about Everything? The book is about how the life of celebrities gets affected by magical cures.

The book also supports the culture and lifestyle of different people living in the world. Recently the book won the Canadian Science Writers Association award.

What are the products or ideas that Gwyneth Paltrow endorses?

Cauldfield mentioned to the Stat news that colon cleanse is what Paltrow is endorsing. There is no evidence present that everyone should try this method. This method can’t help to detoxify our bodies.

Furthermore, he said that vagina steaming is also ridiculous because these methods have no evidence that these things are essential for the body.

Tim also stated that Gwyneth is using bee stung method for anti-aging that can be crazy, but it’s true. Not just that her website shows that if you wear a bra, you can have cancer.

All these facts have no importance because they are without evidence. It shows how celebrities are concerned about their health issues.

What is wrong with Colon cleanses?

All the methods that are used by actress don’t give the surety that they are secure. These methods can be harmful to the skin. Many types of research show that this idea can be a dangerous way of removing toxins from the body.

Why we need to use these methods to adopt a healthy lifestyle when there are lots of healthy food present out there. There are lots of diets that can detox the body, like a clear liquid diet.

Many people use the method of colon cleanses for weight loss, but that can be a horrible method because it doesn’t guarantee you about that fat burn.

Tim also added that some people say it also restart the process of Microbiome, but still there is no evidence present about this method.

Kim Kardashian – Celebrity Health news

Kim has always been in the news because of her health experiments. She was the first one to promote the “Vampire Facial”, which uses your blood, and millions of stem cell to give your face a facial look. Still, there is no evidence out there that can prove this strategy.

There are only a few methods that you can use for younger skin; all those methods are natural and have been used for decades. All these methods include a healthy diet plan, different types of juicy recipes and much more.

Different health studies also say that doing proper exercise and sleep can also improve your skin.

Why is Tim obsessed with Gwyneth?

Many reporters ask me why I am always targeting her, but that’s not the issues what I am pointing out. Every day we use to hear different celebrity health news and don’t focus on what wrong methods they are telling us.

Even some reporters joked that might be I am secretly in love with her. We all are in that Era where we have more tolerance for Bunk. That’s the reason many celebrities come with wrong health advice increasing their brands.

Today everyone is following the health advice of celebrity without verifying the news. The trend that Gwyneth started “The bra Myth” was wrong and I am sure many people believed her.

What about DR. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Deepak Chopra health advice?

Dr. Mehmet was the one who suggested people take weight loss pills as they work better. On the other hand, Dr. Chopra quantum healing theory was hilarious. I mean who can believe in these shits just because they are Doctors.

When Doctors like Oz and Chopra provide health advice to a celebrity that these methods will work for sure, then it creates a problem.  They can’t just say anything because of their legal and ethical obligations as physicians.

Tim also sad when we are a Doctor people rely on us because of the name that we are carrying with us.

Oz and Chopra should maintain those standards as Doctors because they have to answer their theories with complete evidence.

Katy Perry about the Vitamins

Celebrity Health news has been the talk of the town because of the false news they are spreading about the foods and health.

One of the most known celebrities Katy Perry also said that I don’t use supplements because I follow a healthy lifestyle. According to her if you are fit and eat good food, you don’t need any supplements.

She said I am open-minded about taking omega-3 and vitamin D because they are good for health when you feel a bit weaker. These vitamins are good for health, but we should be skeptical.

She also mentioned how people don’t take enough sleep and food, but still, they care about those supplements. Her celebrity health advice includes eating well, staying fill and getting enough sleep.

 The voice of celebrities has become more loud and powerful

The fact that the voice of these celebrities has become louder but still people thinks they are just assuming things on false evidence. They have all the details, but without proof, it’s useless to speak about something.

The other thing that is going right now is a lack of scientific information in celebrities. They even don’t know how they can justify their theories. They only say those things that work best for them. One day they hear wine is good, and the next day they will pass statements about it.

Whether it’s a Gwyneth Paltrow $250 smoothie or Katy Perry paying his gym instructor millions of dollars doesn’t justify the fact that they know everything about fitness.  

Final Words

Following a celebrity health news is not bad, but if you think they are passing wrong news than don’t believe them. Science has all the evidence of what is terrible and what is right for your health. If you want a fit body makes sure to use those things that suit you.

The best thing about science is that when the evidence changes, it also changes your mind. Believe on those things that come with logic. On the other hand, believing in false things is just like committing suicide.

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