Are you ready to lose those extra pounds from Boiled Egg diet? Let’s get started. Egg diet is low in carbohydrate which means they are low in calories. So you can have this diet if you want to lose those extra pounds. You will get all the proteins which help build muscles.

The Boiled Egg diet has multiple versions so eat less, drink more, and exercise more. I would prefer you to try Weight Loss Tea you will thanks me later. I am not telling you to remove everything from your diet. But foods which are high in Carbohydrates are not good for you.

Boiled Egg diet that work well than anything

You should have to say goodbye to pasta, and rice. Your diet plan should include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Every time I tell people about the Boiled Egg diet ended up with the same question is the diet effective? After reading this article, you can get all the questions. Below I am going to share a success story so read it carefully.

I’ve Never Seen Weight Loss so fast says, Rikki,

I am going to tell you about the success story of Rikki. Who is the mother of two young boys? For her, it was tough to lose weight. A woman who was about 90 kg you can guess how hard it would be for her.

As she says “The first week was the toughest for her.” But after one week it was a miracle. She lost so much weight. All the diets she tried were never worked for her like a Boiled Egg diet. Before she was 90 kg now, she is 60 kg. All you need is time and consistency. If one can do it, you can do the same.


You can check the diet doctor comment section to see more success stories of people. In case you want some motivation from me. My Weight Loss Motivation post is best for you.

Let’s move towards the Boiled Egg diet Plan. So you can have better knowledge about what you should try.

Boiled Egg diet Plan

Best diet plan for all boiled egg diet

Is boiled egg diet good for you? There are different versions of the egg diet but the method I am going to tell works for me. You can start your day with eggs and can get all the proteins throughout the day. It can be lean proteins which are helpful for you.

Lean Protein includes:

  • Eggs
  • Half Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish

You have to add some fruits and vegetables which include:

  • Grapefruit
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach

So you must be thinking why I asked you to add chicken or fish because of the best source of lean protein. Vegetables are low in carbs so try them in breakfast and dinner. You can also have Grapefruit with them.

Let’s start to make our diet plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Breakfast. lunch and dinner with boiled egg diet

Boiled eggs, with grapefruit, or you can have egg omelet with spinach or mushrooms. But don’t put so much oil in an omelet. You can use olive oil for it.


½ roast chicken breast, broccoli, and ½ grapefruit.


1 serving of fish and green salad.

Another version of the Boiled egg diet is an egg with grapefruit where you can add chicken and fish with it. You can try this diet for lunch and dinner if you don’t want to eat for breakfast.



2 boiled eggs with ½ grapefruit


½ roast chicken, broccoli with ½ grapefruit


1 serving of fish with ½ grapefruit

By trying this diet, you can have all lean proteins, and you will feel more healthy and active. Remember not to eat any junk food while you are on this diet. It would not help you to lose weight. Do some people ask questions about Are hard boiled eggs good for health? Which I am going to answer soon.

Are hard boiled eggs good for health?

Hard-boiled eggs good for health

Before I answer this question I am going to tell you the number of calories in hard-boiled eggs. The boiled egg is a diet with low calories. So if you have eggs per gram, you would gain 78 calories.

So if you take a hard-boiled egg, then you can have 6 gram of protein. This helps you in building muscles, organs, and tissues in the body. The boiled egg also contains 5 gram of fat which is also great for your health and gives you more energy.

So we can assume that the hardboiled egg diet is good for our health. Don’t over limit it if you are a beginner.

Boiled egg diet reviews

The Boiled Egg diet reviews are much helpful

Losing weight from a diet like this can be hard. Because you have to say bye to all those cravings and foods. But it’s worth a try. Yes, I am a skinny girl now, but I can understand the pain which I use to have during weight loss journey.

While living with obesity can be dangerous. It was depressing for me also. But believe me, there is no short cut. All you need is just a way to achieve your goals. So for me, the Boiled egg diet was the path to achieve the desired weight.

The boiled egg diet doesn’t require efforts. You can enjoy it easily. The best thing about this diet is it’s not much expensive. You can follow it easily as I did. You can watch the Bright side video for more details. They explain it in an easy way.

Also if you are a diabetes patient, you can eat it quickly. According to study diabetes can have eggs without having any cholesterol problems. In case you are that with diabetes and want to try something on your cheat days you can check my fast food for Diabetes post.


Final Words

I am not telling you to eat a dozen eggs in one day. You need to start it slowly. Some people don’t have the stomach to digest all the eggs. You can try it slowly. With this proper boiled egg diet, you have to maintain a habit of doing yoga which I think works best with it.

So if you are wondering if this diet is safe? Yes, it is. You can get all the proteins you want which are good for your health. I am sure I have answered your all questions very well now it’s my turn to ask you for a favor. Do share your boiled egg success stories with me so we can cherish others with it.

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