Pre workout supplements

Which pre-workout supplements give you the most energy?  That can be a challenging question because the market is full of different types of supplements that you can use. I am sure you’ve been crushing your workouts lately in the gym, and you need something to boost your energy. But how to increase your power when you don’t know about the best pre workout supplements.

Pre-workout supplements are popular for many reasons that include boosting your energy, making your body active and much more. Furthermore, remember that different ingredients offer different benefits, but all come with the same goal. The main goal includes making your body active so that you can gain more muscles.

If you want to work harder and longer than buying the best brand supplements can be the best option. Therefore, before buying them, make sure they come with safe ingredients. Not just taking these best workout supplements will help you stay active, but also improves your performance.

Are Pre-Workout Supplements Worth it?

On the days when you are doing tough workouts and want something that can boost your energy, this is where pre-workout supplements come. The idea is simple; you need something to drink before your workout starts.

Using these supplements makes you more active and fit through the day, but some suggest that they can be dangerous for your health if consumed in large amount.

There are many studies out there that have shown the benefits of these pre-workout supplements, and some suggest that men who use these supplements can lift more weight as compared to those who skipped the supplements. These studies also prove that caffeine is the main reason behind the fast performance of athletes.

Caffeine isn’t saved when it is consumed in the large amount the same is the case with supplements if you consume them in the large amount they can cause damage to your health. Some supplements contain caffeine as much as four cups of coffee in just one serving.

Another ingredient that can be found is Creatine. Creatine sure helps to boost your body and provides you with nutrients that are good for your health.  Not just that, it also pulls the body around your muscle cells.

Men’s Health also explains about Creatine as an Amino acid that can be helpful when you lift heavy weights because this amino acid is used as a component to build muscles quickly and effectively.

What best pre-workout supplements do famous gym trainers take themselves?

Have you ever wondered what supplements do the gym trainers takes? I am sure that question comes into your mind whenever you buy supplements. To make your doubts clear here are some famous gym trainers that will tell you which supplement they take.

Nicholas Polo


Nicholas polo is a body transformation coach that helps people to transform their body in a short time. According to him, it’s essential to take omega-3, multivitamin and amino acid. All these things help to gain muscles and make your body active.

Intake of vitamins also includes vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium. According to him, it’s essential to take a healthy diet because if your diet is not healthy, then you can’t have those muscles.

What diet do you take with your supplements?

There are different types of diet that you can try while you are on supplements. Among this diet, my best one is Boiled egg diet. That’s the main reason the gym trainer takes 10-12 eggs per day to boost their energy. Also, this diet helps to get me in shape.

What is your favorite brand?

My favorite brand is Animal Pak because it’s among the best multivitamin brand so far, so if you are serious about your body and want to gain muscles then it’s worth a try.

Suzana Sorokova

Suzana Sorokova

She is an athlete level powerlifter. According to her, she is living an active life due to Creatine intake because she works on body muscles more than her fitness.  Not just she depends on a healthy diet but also performs different high-intensity workouts. I also take BCAAs to create greater work capacity and reduce fatigue.

What is your favorite brand?

I love to take Grenade’s carb killer bars because they are delicious. The most special thing about these ingredients is that they don’t contain flavored sugar and don’t make me feel bloated.

In case if I am using BCAAs, I preferred to use Grenade ones because of they in reducing muscles soreness after the workouts.

Do you take any protein supplements?

I take protein powder by Bulk Powder daily. I mixed them with oats and other ingredients to make the best pre-workout meal. Not just it makes me active all day but also helps me stay fit forever.

Matt Hodges

Matt Hodges

Matt Hodges is MPH method founder. According to him, supplements are important if they are according to your body. I usually take two capsules of Solgar Triple because they are good in Omega-3 that can be good for bone health. If you are eating fish daily, then you can skip these tablets.

In the month of winter, I take Hux D3 vitamin D every week. However, it is useful if you take it alongside with Reflex Magnesium.

What is your favorite brand?

My favorite brand is All American EFX Kre- Alkalyn because of its type of Creatine. The best part of this brand is that it doesn’t make you bloated and headaches.

How to choose the best pre-workout supplements

If you want to select the best pre-workout supplements then here is the trick that you can follow.

  • No Steroids or banned products
  • Eliminate Proprietary Blends
  • Fewer caffeine Supplements
  • Avoid Artificial Colors and Sweeteners

Name of Best pre-workout Supplements

  1. Gnarly Nutrition Pump
  2. Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer
  3. SAN Nutrition CM2 Supreme
  4. PES Prolific
  5. Cellucor C4 Original
  6. Prosupps Jekyll

Final Words

There are many ingredients that you can find in supplements but to make sure the supplement that you chose must have caffeine, nitrate and BCAAs. Also, avoid taking those supplements which come with sugar. Sugar can be bad for you if you want to gain muscles.

Furthermore, if you think these ingredients don’t suit your health, you can try other ones like Citrulline, sodium bicarbonate. Comment below what is your favourite supplement that you are taking with your high-intensity workout?

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