I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.Bill Gates

Words of wisdom from a man who has touched so many lives around the world. However, the argument does not imply that hard work does not pay or the couch-potatoes rule the world. Efficiency requires working smart more than working hard. We wish life was easy but it is not. Life hacks bring simplicity and proficiency into your life. They are all about delivering solutions to the petite problems we encounter every day in our lives. The subject article is an attempt to enlist some of the best life hacks. They may not act as a magic wand but serve their purpose well.

  1. Track hydration


In our busy life schedules, if there is one thing we are all lazy and idle about, that is not drinking enough water. Make an hourly reminder by labeling the water bottles appropriately. If you miss a dose, you will have to make it up in the next hour. You can have an estimate of total consumption during a 24-hour period. It is particularly helpful for elderly who frequently suffer from dehydration merely because they are forgetful. It is quite a convenient hack for monitoring if you are a caretaker for such individuals. Best life hack of all times.

  1. Follow the recipe effortlessly


Best Life Hacks - Recipe

A trouser hanger makes another best hack ever. Open the book at the recipe page and hang the book with the clips. Dangle the hanger from the knob of the cabinet in front of you and voila, follow the recipe without ever touching the book. It saves you from repeated turning over the pages at the same time saves the book from ingredient splash.

  1. Baking soda_the victor of all

Baking soda

Baking soda is the ‘kitchen king’ owing to its many services around every corner of the house. From baking to the opening of a clogged sink, it proves to be one of the best life hacks. Adding a pinch of baking soda to water while boiling the eggs eases the eggs out of the shell. Perfectly smooth eggs every time.

  1. Buff with walnut


Wooden furniture adds a chic effect to your interior. However, their maintenance is quite a hassle especially when you have kids around. Buff away tiny nicks and marks with a walnut. Rub it diagonally, wait for few seconds and wipe with a soft cloth. The natural oils from the walnut seep into the scratch. Almonds, pecans and Brazil nuts serve the same purpose making it one of the best life hacks.

  1. Pack the cables right


Packing for a trip can be a daunting job that requires skill and expertise. Without going into many details, let us tell you how to pack your cable wires. To save them from getting jumbled, torn and lost among your belongings, pack them in an old pencil case or glasses case. Place them in an outer compartment of the suitcase for easy access.

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  1. Do not hammer the thumb

Do not hammer the thumb

Another best life hack is to hold the nail with a clothespin while hammering it into a wall. It will not only align the nail perfectly but also save your precious thumb from any injury.

  1. Take a snapshot

Take a snapshot

Is age catching up with you? Do you forget important details? Sometimes, there is not enough time to jot down all the particulars. Take a snapshot with your cell instead. It saves time and effort at the same time of enhancing your efficiency. Instead of making a grocery list, simply take a picture of your fridge and pantry items, clever isn’t it?

  1. Swipe a post-it

keyboard to clean any dust

Post-its themselves are the best life hack ever. They are not useless until the expiration. Swipe them between the keys of your keyboard to clean any dust, crumbs or fluff. Do it once a week and you save some precious pennies that may otherwise be used for servicing of your laptop.

  1. Save the matchbox

Save the matchbox

One of the best hacks for on-the-road adventures or outdoors is keeping a dry matchbox. The cardboard matchbox tends to absorb moisture. It may get wet in the wild and before you know, you have nothing to light a fire with. Keep the sticks in a plastic-wear box. Glue sandpaper on the inner side of the box cover and there you go. Light a fire whenever you want.

  1. Ketchup clean

Ketchup clean

The tangy flavor of ketchup adds zing to your hamburgers but did you know you could clean rustic faucets with it. Smear a good amount of ketchup on the faucets and leave it for fifteen minutes. Wipe with a clean cloth. The sparkling faucets shine back at you.

  1. A juicy solution to cough

pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is the essence of Pina colada and an age-old remedy for cough. So if you have grumpy kids with a bad cough, let them sip on pineapple juice.

  1. Smile honestly

Smile honestly

One of the best life hack for a pretty picture is to squint your eyes a bit. It would add a sincere touch to your smile and cherished memories forever.

  1. Keep your drinks chilled

frozen grapes

Instead of putting ice cubes in your drink, that melt and dilute the flavor, freeze a bunch of grapes. Place a few frozen grapes in your drink. They keep it chilled effectively without changing the zest.

  1. A vertical arrangement

vertical arrangement

Instead of piling up the clothes in the drawer, stack them vertically. This will give you easy access to your favorite clothing without creating a mess. It is particularly handy for your kid’s drawer.

  1. Nothing is permanent

hand sanitizer

If you have a toddler in the house, expect to find unwanted ink marks on places unimaginable. Even if the ink is permanent, you can have clean surfaces by using tried and tested tips. Use a hand sanitizer to remove ink stains from clothing. A hairspray or toothpaste removes the toughest of stains off the walls. Clean the carpet with vinegar while wooden surfaces require an alcohol buff.

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